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The making of the CommonsCloud - technical choices


We discuss how we formed the CommonsCloud project and what key technical decisions we have made so far to set in motion this cooperative cloud platform.

We've recently started a crowdfunding campaign at the Goteo platform, many people are asking how did we start to develop this project. Let's take a dive into where we come from, which free software building blocks we have chosen so far and how they come together. Then we share some ideas for the near future.

CommonsCloud in action!!

Since long that we wanted to start an alternative to the dominant proprietary web platforms, and today FemProcomuns (of which FKI is a founding member) is opening a campaign at the Goteo crowdfunding platform to put into action the CommonsCloud and involve, share and call for support from all people and collectives that share concern for privacy and collective self-organisation of online platforms.

FKI to present in India "Open, Digital DIY manufacturing across countries and cultures"

Swatantra'17 is an international conference on Free Software and Free Knowledge that will take place on 20-21 December 2017 in Trivandrum, India. The Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) is happy to contribute to this important event by

Comunificadora second edition, here are the chosen projects

La Comunificadora is the Commons and Collaborative Economy projects support programme by Barcelona Activa, developed by Free Knowledge Institute and others, which launched its second edition a few weeks ago. The projects chosen this time show the scope of La Comunificadora, and how the same programme may be deployed in any other country. More complete descriptions of the several projects are available in Catalan and Spanish.

Founding Principles

A set of founding principles reflect FKI's thoughts and ideas as a basis for the free knowledge society. They help guide and articulate the institute's priorities and work.

1. Sharing Knowledge

We share, create, stimulate and promote free knowledge in all its forms. Knowledge shared freely becomes socially valuable. It is available to everyone free of charge and can be used, adapted, modified, updated and translated without restriction.