Selected Readings on Digital DIY

General introductions about digital fabrication technologies and how our societies are changing right now and in the foreseeable future:

  • Neil Gershenfeld (2005). FAB. The Coming Revolution On Your Desktop – From Personal Computers To Personal Fabrication. Basic Books. About FabLabs and How to make almost anything. Ebook. Neil's famous TED talk.

FKI Board strengthened with two new members

The Free Knowledge Institute is proud to welcome two new members to its Board: Joe Corneli and Marco Fioretti. Both have been active community members within the free knowledge - free technology community. Both bring in new energy, large networks, ideas and initiatives that are expected to strengthen the Free Knowledge community.

Can we liberate the market through commons governance?

In the Barcelona-based Escola dels Commons we study the commons and right now we are discussing about the market, how current markets work and how they could work, if redefined under commons logic. Monday 17th December we hold a public debate about this in the offices of the Xarxa d'Economia Solidaria (XES) a Barcelona.

Down with ACTA! The EU must protect our commons

The Free Knowledge Institute is among the signatories of the following joint press release by 53 European and International organisations to invite Members of European Parliament to reject ACTA, and beyond, engage in a positive reform of copyright and patents.

ACTA threatens fundamental freedoms online, Net neutrality, innovation, access to and sharing of free/libre/open technologies, education, culture, essential medicines and seeds.

About Free, Libre and Open

There have been and still are intense flamewars about the use of the terms free, libre and open in the context of software, knowledge and licensing. As the Free Software movement was the first in defining the main concepts (of copyleft, using copyright to protect the freedoms and thus stimulate sharing of knowledge), let us start there.