You can help the FKI!

Here are a few ways to contribute to the FKI. They are just suggestions. And do please give us your ideas about specific contributions and activities.

The General FKI discussion list or the wiki might be good spaces for your proposals. Read our History, and our Strategy and use the Induction Manual. For more detailed descriptions of our areas of work, please follow the links in the FKI domains sidebar.

You  can also contribute with analysis, case studies, news items, project proposals or specific actions in the FKI domains as described above. If you have a brilliant idea, or simply want to put effort in freeing information whether it be software, hardware designs, educational materials or art works, please contact us.

We are open to talking about collaborating as project partner, consultant, or associate. Just get in touch and find out what we can do for you, or you for us!

FKI Financial Support

Donations are always welcome! 

Wire transfer to the following account in The Netherlands:
Bank: ING Bank
Account number: 3848762
IBAN Code: NL66 INGB 0003 8487 62
Name: Free Knowledge Institute


You can donate the following cryptocurrencies to us:


For donations in FairCoin, please transfer to the following address:

FairCoinFKI's FairCoin address QR code













For donations in Bitcoin, please transfer to the following address:










URI: bitcoin:1DYH8Jp8xyagfUBndQep6yhTqPa15xALf8?label=FKI_donations
Address: 1DYH8Jp8xyagfUBndQep6yhTqPa15xALf8


For donations in Ether (ETH), please transfer to the following account address:




If you are a Dutch resident, your support can be tax deductible.
Thank you for supporting the FKI!