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New strategies and ideas

The FKI has been working on a full-blown new strategy for a while now. Soon we will be able to publish our envisaged mission and goals, together with a framework of domains and actions. At this point, we are translating various brainstorm sessions into a draft workplan. It all takes time... but we hope to invite you for comments and inputs shortly!

A small preview: "The mission of the FKI is to educate people about free knowledge and free technology to a level at which they become effective participants in their domains of interest thereby enriching the broader free knowledge society."

Concretely ;-), a new idea on using the FTA Campus for learning and teaching is emerging. We are thinking about a model with low costs for the learners. Perhaps you can join a course pretty much whenever you want, or maybe you can simply subscribe to several courses for a monthly fee. There will still be support, albeit less dependent on one particular tutor guiding the students through the course, and less intense for the supporting person. Many options are on the table and in the coming weeks we will be developing a sustainable model. We'll be starting a discussion on this particular idea in the FTA Community Portal to enable everyone to think along.

And this is only an example. Please watch this space, or better, come to the FTA Community Portal and get engaged in the building of the strategy and enabling a culture of free knowledge!


With respect to: I agree that Linux Questions has now gone a bit too far. Has aynnoe protested? They have been offering Linux Basics with no repercussions for a while. Once again, *we* are not offering anything, but simply linking to a 3rd party partner. If that partner is in fact doing something dubious, we're quite interested in ensuring that activity stops or is corrected.Do you have any idea when that correspondence was sent? I'm not familiar with the particular employee mentioned, but I'll try to touch base with my contact and see what information I can get. jeremy

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