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Free Technology Academy

A new start for the Free Knowledge Institute and the Free Technology Academy

as you may have already noticed, the several wikis and other websites of
the Free Knowledge Institute and the Free Technology Academy have
published very little "good" content lately. This was due to a
combination of two factors:

  • the software infrastructure had become too complex to maintain with
    the available resources. This had both opened it to spammers, and made
    it too complex to adapt it to the current resources and needs of FKI/FTA
  • the new FKI Board, established last autumn,
    needed time to define a new structure and a migration strategy
    compatible with the available resources, but also able to save as much
    as possible of the old websites

Today, the FKI Board is happy to announce that this analysis is ended,
and that, finally we have already started restructuring the websites.
For the reasons explained above, all the content hosted until today at:

  • (where the online courses take place)

will be taken offline immediately, within this week. Immediately
after, will migrate and update all and only the content that is still
relevant (even if only from an historical point of view) to brand new
All the accounts of the wikis and portals listed above will be
deactivated. Everybody wishing to be part of the FKI/FTA community is
kindly requested to register (again) in the new wikis that will be
announced. For the time being, the community portal will be replaced by
the FTA discussion mailing list, which you are all welcome to join.
This is unfortunate, but it is also the only way to restore an
adequate Web presence for FKI/FTA, and let us restart with new
activities to fulfil our mission, including but not limited to:

  • new courses next September, in a brand new Moodle environment.
  • launch of a crowdfunding project to update all the official courseware of the Free Technology Academy

Details of all the actions described in this announcement will be posted
here in the next days. Stay tuned, and if you have any question, please
contact us or join our mailing list.