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Free Technology Academy

Free Technology Academy restarts courses in September!

Enjoy a discount (*) of 30% for enrolments paid for before or on August 31st. The discount is a special encouragement for those doubting to take a course and enhance their knowledge and skills on Free Software and Open Standards. Especially now that we're restarting the Academy, any help is needed to make this a joint success!

The Free Technology Academy was once a project funded by the European Commission (2008-2010) and was later continued as a bottom-up organised learning initiative hosted by the Free Knowledge Institute. The need for freedom-respecting technology becomes clearer every day, with governments dependent on vendor lock-in, spy agencies tapping into our daily communications, a growing need for autonomy and self-reliance. Increasing our knowledge about these topics is important for individuals and organisations alike, and learning together, following educational methodologies as developed at the FTA helps people to take a giant leap.

Courses at the FTA can be about anything related to Free Technologies, but in particular we have a set of specific courses that we have specialised materials and activities for. You can check the active courses here, while some of the courses have been frozen, but can be reactivated, if there is sufficient demand for. And of course we are open for any suggestions and potential new courses that you would like to work on. Note that the 30% discount is only valid for the active courses (on GNU/Linux) and the experimental Personal Cloud Computing with Free Software course.

(*) In order to qualify for the discount, which is only valid for the mentioned active courses, communicate your request for discount with the code: FREETECH-30 to contact at and make sure that payment is received before or on 31st of August. No other discounts apply.