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Selected Readings on Digital DIY

General introductions about digital fabrication technologies and how our societies are changing right now and in the foreseeable future:

Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY)

The FKI helped co-develop a research project on the impact of “Digital DIY”, which was selected for funding by the EC. In January 2015 we started the project lead by Luca Mari from Università Carlo Cattaneo/LIUC and with the Politecnico from Milan, R&D company Ab.Acus, University of Westminster, Manchester Metropolitan University and the

Complementary social and cryptocurrencies

Recently I have had the opportunity to meet with several people from the complementary currency and the cryptocurrency movements. I learnt an awful lot of things. Most of the people I met agreed that the learning experience is maybe the most important one: learn what's wrong with fiat currencies, understand the fact that any currency is a social agreement or convention and without it would have almost no value at all, and above all find out about the thousands of complementary currency systems out there that help us redesign the economy.

EC Foresight Workshop on Open Higher Education & Research

Last week (6-7 June 2013) the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS), convened 20 experts to develop Open Education visions for Higher Education in 2030 and a roadmap to get to the more desirable outcomes. They also invited several heads of unit from DG's of Education and Culture and R&D from the Commission.

An accidental millionaire by BitCoin

About cryptocurrencies and the evolution to a global social means of exchange

Can we liberate the market through commons governance?

In the Barcelona-based Escola dels Commons we study the commons and right now we are discussing about the market, how current markets work and how they could work, if redefined under commons logic. Monday 17th December we hold a public debate about this in the offices of the Xarxa d'Economia Solidaria (XES) a Barcelona.

Wolfgang Hoeschele and the Economics of Abundance

With the Escuela de los Commons (E2C) in Barcelona we have the pleasure and honour to invite prof. Wolfgang Hoeschele (Bios: Shareable, Truman University, P2P-F) for a session about Abundance Economics and the Economy of the Commons.

FKI invites to comment on its Strategy for 2012 onwards


Earlier today, the Free Knowledge Institute has made public its Strategy documents that should guide the foundation into the coming years. With their publication comes an invitation to everyone interested in building a new society along the lines of free knowledge, to join in this process and participate in its implementation.

Request for Comments

TradePub corrects offering of FTA course books

As I explained in this blog a while ago, we were not happy with the way TradePub was offering our course books on their website. Fortunately their team responded very quickly to our demands and corrected the situation. Let me briefly explain here what has happened.

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