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The European Parliament kills ACTA

Advocates of freedom of information and citizen's rights achieved an overwhelming victory when the European Parliament rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on July 4th.

Open standards in Dutch public education

A couple of weeks ago Jan Stedehouder, a Dutch journalist, writer and Open Source advocate, published a blog post (english version here) about the use of Silverlight in the Dutch public education system.

The Free Culture Forum is not the Gratis Culture Forum

Michel Bauwens writes in the P2P blog about the talk A Radical Critique of Free Culture that Geert Lovink presented at re:publica 2010. Many of the participants in the Free Culture Forum that have seen Lovink's talk are surprised, to say the least, about some of his comments on "the Free Culture movement". Bauwens' comments in the P2P blog are a good example of these opinions.

A critical approach to any social movement is necessary and positive for the health of the movement. However, the critique in this case is misleading in several ways, which doesn't help at all to build a constructive debate.

Why the free software community cares about The Pirate Bay

northxsouth has published an interesting article on the relevance of the lawsuit against The Pirate Bay for the FS community. Their arguments are in line with the ones repeatedly expressed by prominent members of the FSF: the final goal of these lawsuits and campaigns is to extend even more the reach of copyright law, to impose DRM-like technologies in the industry and finally to create a situation where people are just afraid of sharing.

Civil Rights, Net universality and neutrality

The Spanish Internet Users Association (AsociaciĆ³n de Internautas) has published a manifest to raise awareness on the most urgent issues regarding European citizens' rights in the digital arena: the Telecom package, privacy of electronic communications, broadband access to the Internet, the technological neutrality of the Net and the balance between author's rights and the coll

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