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Five years of FKI!

1. Our lustrum: adopting the strategy

New strategies and ideas

The FKI has been working on a full-blown new strategy for a while now. Soon we will be able to publish our envisaged mission and goals, together with a framework of domains and actions. At this point, we are translating various brainstorm sessions into a draft workplan. It all takes time... but we hope to invite you for comments and inputs shortly!

FKI nominated for the International Prize!

On September 12, 2011, the winner of the International Prize will be announced! (see Dutch)

The International Prize is meant for a novel and transferable project, which has concrete impact in the Netherlands as well as in one or more other countries. The Prize is administered by the Learn for Life Foundation and is awarded to a Dutch organisation or institute, who make their expertise beneficial to innovating projects in the area of international vocational education.

E-books and the missteps of the music industry

On June 1st, 2010, Karin Spaink gave an excellent speech during an expert meet on e-books. She is urging the publishing industry to learn from all the mistakes the music industry made. E-books need to be protected against technical measures to control users, such as DRM, and should be much cheaper than printed books.

Read her speech on De Nieuwe Reporter, in Dutch.

2008-2009 Petition to stop software patents in Europe

We have signed the Stop Software Patents .eu petition to support their view on serious restrains current software patent legislations cause. "The patent system is misused to restrain competition for the economical benefit of a few but fails to promote innovation. A software market environment is better off with no patents on software at all.

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