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Request for Comments: Redesigning FKI's Strategy

The Free Knowledge Institute is redesigning its Strategy for the coming years and invites you all to comment. The FKI enters a new phase and is expanding its areas of work into new domains. Moreover, the Institute seeks to open itself up to participation and to help participants realise the vision of a culture of free knowledge. We introduce several opportunities in the areas of learning, activism, and economic sustainability. We are very interested to know what you want the FKI to be and what the FKI can do for you!

After the first 5 years of the FKI we feel that the time has come to open up as an organisation. In short, the core team has prepared a set of Strategy documents that we want to discuss with the community, to improve and strengthen them. Then, once we have a rough consensus about it, we want to work together putting it in practice.

Knowledge and Technology for a Free Knowledge Society is what the FKI works for. We aim to facilitate and enable the study, sharing and collaborative development of free knowledge. Our offering is a shared vision and common platform for education, collaboration and advocacy in free knowledge and free technology. The platform is completely based on free software and free knowledge and is organised in a bottom-up manner.

We distinguish three types of opportunities that may be of interest to participants:

  • learning opportunities:
    • use any of the existing resources
    • participate in working groups
    • take part in courses
  • economic opportunities
    • by co-organising courses, work as assistant or partner
    • developing projects along one of the business models
    • join the Free Technology Guild to share and realise projects together
  • advocacy/activism opportunities
    • propose actions and campaigns
    • participate in existing campaigns
    • blog and share your knowledge

The FKI's initial mission has been to apply the principles of copyleft and free software to other domains of knowledge. While its focus has been mostly on Education, Software and Standards, we feel it is time to expand into other domains. We invite interested people to join us in new domains like hardware and energy, and to suggest other domains of interest.

Besides asking for your comments on our draft Strategy documents, we invite you to share any thoughts and ideas that can help us reach our common goal. Maybe you consider we're missing out on something important, or you would like us to perform a certain role or service. Let us know! And stand prepared to help us fulfilling it :)

The main Strategy documents can be found here: If you register an account on the wiki you can leave comments at the discussion page. You're also very welcome to use the FKI discussion list to discuss these and other issues.