Smart City Barcelona Commons Report

In early 2016, the Barcelona City Council commissioned us to write a report to, "develop a strategic vision of the knowledge society that facilitates citizen empowerment through technology".

To this end, we prepared a report diagnosing the main problems, objectives and actions in the following areas: software, telecommunications networks, physical products (including the world of makers and open design, R&D centres, and waste and circular economy), collaborative consumption, and commerce, energy and mobility.

Collaborative Economy, Principles and Case Studies

Last week the new collaborative economy support programme, La Comunificadora (the “Commons Makery”), was launched at an open session in the Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona). (Español - Català)

Several projects with the potential to participate in the support programme were presented in the session. Among them was the idea of creating a special currency for  co-working spaces, an initiative for citizens to rent out their kitchens, a money-free platform to exchange goods and services, a child raising association, a food printer, and an advisory platform for open hardware designs. There were also already existing projects seeking to become sustainable, including a cooperative sharing electric cars, an initiative to produce a water filter for developing countries, a workshop for a DIY plastics recycling, and a health services cooperative. And someone even came with a project to replicate La Comunificadora! Everyone was eager to know the contents of the programme.

Commons Startup Support Programme “La Comunificadora” launches in Barcelona

La Comunificadora is a programme from Barcelona Activa realised together with Platoniq, Foundation Goteo and the Free Knowledge Institute, and a large group of people and organisations working for the collaborative economy, free culture and commons movements. We seek to support collaborative economy projects that have a clear focus on the commons. Selected projects get a face-2-face training and mentoring programme supported by online platforms and several meetups to mature and make their projects more successful.

FKI assembles Legal Advisory Board to support the DiDIY Project

One of the research tracks of the Digital DIY (DiDIY) Project is the one (Work Package 6) on DiDIY Legal Issues, Rights and Responsibilities. We are happy to announce that, in order to assist us in that activity, the DiDIY Project has specifically set up a DiDIY Legal Advisory Board (LAB). This is a honorary body of lawyers, legal scholars and experts who can be consulted for review of legal aspects related to the Digital DIY project and subject matter.

Open Source Circular Economy Days

The OSCE Days have evolved in a powerful worldwide event, this year taking polace in more than 70 cities on all continents. The concept is powerful in that it reaches out to various different communities, strengthening relationships, understanding and forstering new collaborations. To name a few ccommunities or movements, it connects people from the Free Software movement (a.k.a. open source software), Open Source Hardware,  Fair trade and ecological responsible consumption, the collaborative / sharing economy with Circular Economy and repair-reuse-recycling-reduce movements.

Digital Commons at the IASC Regional European Conference in Bern

last week I had the pleasure to participate in the Regional European Conference in Bern, Switzerland, organised by the International Association of the Commons, the IASC. The main theme was "GLOBAL CONNECTIONS AND LOCAL RESPONSES", an adequate theme for many of the social movements and commons initiatives around the world.

Curs sobre la Ciutat Intel·ligent

Ahir vaig tenir el plaer de participar en el curs del Col·legi d'Enginyers de Camins de Catalunya ( sobre la Ciutat Intel·ligent. El Jordi Julià del Col·legi i l'Alvaro Nicolas de la regidoria de mobilitat van presentar el curs. Després el Manu Fernandez, la Irene Compte i jo vem presentar les nostres visions sobre el tema. Amb més de seixanta participants va ser tot un exit.